Cameron Cooper

Steward at the Secret Palace
Generous, funny, clever, impulsive
Painter at heart aspiring to a bohemian life

Please note that this biography may contain spoiling elements. Come back after playing!

Growing up in a working-class neighborhood in Los Angeles with a rich Haitian and Mexican background, Cameron draws inspiration from this diverse and colorful world to express his own vision of the world.

Impulsive and reckless, he’s far from being the type to follow the rules. This painter at heart needs to let his emotions speak for themselves and aspires deep down to a bohemian life. While hoping to be able to live from his art one day, Cameron works as a steward at the Secret Palace and has to answer conscientiously to the whims of the customers, from whom he often takes inspiration for his paintings… 

Naturally generous and surprisingly creative, Cameron’s cheerful character is infectious and his company will put a smile on your face again… But that’s without counting the dilemmas and opportunities of your hectic professional life… Will you be able to successfully build this new relationship while making crucial decisions for your future?


Coming soon

The first mini-series about Cameron is over. But don't worry, he will come back...

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