• "Make A Wish" Extra Event
    "Make A Wish" Extra Event

    The “Make A Wish” Extra Event story pack is available from 12/30/2021 to 1/29/2022! Celebrate the New Year with Daryl, Nicolae and Mike in three never...

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  • Discover Caleb's story
    Discover Caleb's story

    Respond to the call of the wild and embark on an all-new adventure! Sunrise Valley is an entirely new universe set in Montana where you get the rare c...

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  • Extra Love Pack on Jarod
    Extra Love Pack on Jarod

    Explore 4 new Extra Love stories and join Jarod in Tanzania from 14/12! This gorgeous surgeon isn’t done with you, so play (or replay!) Jarod’s story...

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  • Get enchanted by Sarah
    Get enchanted by Sarah

    Once again, magic is in the air in Mystery Spell! Sarah, a spellbinding and powerful witch, needs your help to overcome the threat facing the witches...

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  • Discover Cameron's story
    Discover Cameron's story

    The Secret Palace opens its doors for you to discover Cameron’s story! Play as a young aerospace engineer at a turning point in her career and discove...

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  • Joe has arrived
    Joe has arrived

    Joe’s mini-series is finally here! There’s something fresh and exciting in the Carter Corp universe, so jump straight into the heart of East Harlem wh...

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