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Carter Corp

Experience what life’s like in the very heart of the bustling metropolis of New York City, and start on a journey within the influential Carter Corp.

#romance #empowerment #businesswoman #reality #passion #forbiddenlove #ambition #loveintheoffice

Parker Snow

Parker comes across as arrogant, self-confident and sarcastic. But his sense of humor and his piercing eyes reveal hidden depths of soul and an intriguing sensitivity...

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Joe Kicks

He is an incredibly talented rap artist. He’s the celebrity of the hour with his lavish and luxurious lifestyle. The songs he writes touch millions of people and the whole world is at his feet. But behind the façade, he’s a lonely man with a dark past who’s desperately hoping to find The One…

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Mark Leviels

As a result of his dedication and loyalty, Mark has quickly become the right-hand man of Ryan Carter. Mark is passionately committed to his work and devotes all his time to it… or so it seems. Embark with him in Shanghai and discover his turbulent private life..

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Jake Stewart

He is one of those people whose mere presence is enough to reassure everyone around them... After saving the life of the big boss at Carter Corp, Jake becomes his most trusted advisor. What could be more fitting than for him to be your guide on a mission to Moscow?

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Daryl Ortega

Daryl is a real hothead. He’s burly, reckless and has had a few too many brushes with death. He almost knocks you over in his Lamborghini! But he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, because when it comes to acting wild, you’re the queen! You’re gonna be playing a hot game of poker… and you’ll wind up somewhere between manipulation and steamy love...

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Adam Peterson

Adam is an idealistic surfer who only yearns for one thing: a better world. He’s an avid sportsman who divides his time between his professional career and his love for music. Hidden behind his cherubic blond hair is a strong-willed man who’s prepared to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true…

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Colin Spencer

An IT genius in a huge corporation by day and the front man in a successful metal band by night, Colin is as elusive as he is intriguing. This rugged character doesn’t let himself be easily intimidated and most people find his self-confidence a little unnerving...

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Ryan Carter

In his professional life, Ryan is a real machine. He’s ambitious, always one step ahead of the competition. In his private life, the CEO is something different entirely. He’s passionate and affectionate, doesn’t like monotony and needs a fearless partner who can stand up to him...

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Matt Ortega

When he takes off his boxing gloves, Matt gets on his motorcycle and hits the tarmac. As a graphic designer at Carter Corp, he likes to tease, taunt and flirt with all the females in the office. However, this bad boy image is just a front…

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Gabriel Simons

From chess prodigy to Harvard valedictorian and then hardened businessman, Gabriel accomplishes everything he sets out to do. He is calculating, charming and self-assured. He never lets any woman get close to him for longer than a one-night stand...

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Mystery Spel

Watch out! You’re about to step into Mystery Spell, a town full of supernatural beings… just like you.

#urbanfantasy #university #powers #magic #teen #spirit #vampires #werewolves #witches

Chad Williams

Chad is a very powerful master necromancer, and he sure knows it! His charisma and mystique impress just about everyone he meets. Will you fall for his charms?

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Sarah Osborne

Sarah’s bright and fun-loving personality is as captivating as it is inspiring. This powerhouse of a witch has been pursuing magic since she was a child. With her love of independence and the destiny that awaits her, this young witch is trying to forge her own path through life. To get close to her, you’ll have to find the right words to make her fall head over heels…

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Conrad O’Connor

Of all the Original vampires, Conrad is the one you don’t want to mess with! His sheer power makes him a ruthless warrior with no sense of mercy. Underneath his seemingly cold demeanor lies a bold man capable of moving mountains for the woman he loves.

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Viktor Bartholy

Of all the characters in Mystery Spell, Viktor is surely the most feared. He has never really been seen and his name is whispered in hushed tones as his power precedes him. No one really knows Viktor, not even his protégés… To uncover his identity, you’ll have to take on the role of a very powerful woman… Do you have what it takes?

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Sebastian Jones

Very popular professor among the students at Mystery Spell University, Sebastian is a respected archaeologist and a skilled researcher among his peers. He travels the world in search of artifacts and mythical relics whose secrets he seeks to unlock… but not only that!

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Nicolae Bartholy

The eldest of the Bartholy brothers is both shrewd and charming. His piercing eyes and soothing words often restore peace to the manor. But underneath his protective airs hides an exceptional magician with a painful history...

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Peter Bartholy

A poet’s soul with pianist’s fingers… It’s hard to find a more artistic man than Peter. The manor is filled with the music of this Bartholy brother, a man as passionately devoted as he is torn by his past...

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Drogo Bartholy

If there’s one person who stands out from the crowd in Mystery Spell, it’s Drogo. The youngest of the elusive Bartholy brothers, this young rebel likes to rattle the narrow-minded. Behind his sass, you’ll come to know a mature and passionate man, but you’ll have to tame him first.

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Secret Palace

Enter the luxurious Secret Palace in Los Angeles where drama, lies and turbulent love affairs are the name of the game.

#secret #lie #ambition #classtruggle #sorority #glamour #losangeles #money #investigation

Cameron Cooper

Cameron, the hotel steward with a model’s physique, is a generous and sunny guy. He adds a little daily sunshine to the lives of his colleagues and clients. But beyond this minimum-wage job, Cameron dreams of pursuing his passion for painting! Can you unlock his workshop’s hidden secrets?

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James Oswald-Descieux

Charming and well mannered, James is the perfect gentleman in every sense of the word. However, underneath his perfect physique and flirtatious smile lies a man with a lot of flaws. Whether you’re searching for the truth or falling in love at first sight, your time at the Palace is likely to be a bumpy ride.

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Logo Sunrise Valley

The mountains, the forest, horses, the summer sun and winter blizzards… all of these things connect you to nature. Away from the big city, you may think you’ve finally found some peace and quiet… but passion can wreak havoc!

#country #romance #cowboys #horses #equitation #hope #nature #investigation #passion

Caleb Rosewood

Caleb Rosewood

His smoldering eyes speak volumes about the internal fire that drives him, yet Caleb never reveals it. Not many people get to see the intensity of this fearless cowboy’s stormy passion. Can you gain his trust?

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Practicing medicine is your whole world and you have only one aspiration: to succeed. The team at Blue Swan Hospital could help you get there… or hinder you!

#medical #doctors #drama #love #ambition #career #conquest #losangeles

Jarod Harding

Not all surgeons have the same approach, but Jarod is one of those who are revolutionizing medicine. A hands-on doctor and a big-hearted activist, meet the star of the Blue Swan Hospital in action. But be warned, working alongside him is not without its risks…

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Blue Swan Hospital

You’ve been accepted into one of the top hospitals in the United States for your first year of residency. Congrats! Now, who will you get involved with: one of your hot colleagues or your mysterious mentor?

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Fallen Road

In a world where demonic forces face off against Heaven’s army, you find yourself on earth battling evil. But… whose side are you on?

#fantastic #monsters #darkfantasy #hunter #adventure #angel #demon #hell #paradise #fight


Between his brute strength and his blazing seduction power, Lucifer stirs up all kinds of passions. But nobody knows who the famous lord of the underworld really is… Are you ready to find out?

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Fallen Road

Between angels and demons, you fight to fulfill your mission as a protector and recover your memory. Fortunately, you are well surrounded, but who can you trust?

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