“Unusual Places” Extra Event

Jun. 07, 2022

Re-release of 10 Extra Event stories “Unusual Places”! If you missed some or if you want to dive back into them, now is the time! Pack available until 06/14.

Journey to the center of the Earth
While you are training in a magical basement, Drogo interrupts your lesson.

Torrid desert
You and Jarod run out of gas in the middle of the Mexican desert. Hellish… or heavenly?

Fast & outrageous
There’s a party in the barn. Beautiful people, incredible beats, delicious drinks and Daryl, with only one desire: to make you his own.

Summer harvest
The flames of hell are nothing compared to what Zac is going to make you feel, hidden away from prying eyes.

The lady and the knight
The summer storm on the horizon is not enough to distract Gabriel from his greatest passion: you!

Rock festival
Colin, the rockstar, treats you to a private concert that will make you remember this long summer night all your life.

Lustful library
Nicolae finds you sleeping among his books on a hot summer evening.

Heat wave
Carter Corp in 95 degrees weather is bad enough, but when the AC stops working, things get absolutely indecent!

The grapes of light
As you walk through the vineyards, you start feeling giddy…

My Jungle Valentine
After a long day’s hiking in the jungle, Sebastian is preparing a relaxing and sexy Valentine’s surprise just for you!


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