Code of conduct

1492 Studio Code of Conduct

At 1492 Studio we greatly appreciate the content created by the “Is It Love?” community and want to support creators by helping them showcase it. As we have done since 2014, we encourage the community to share their creations in a safe and inclusive environment in all our brand channels.

This Code of Conduct is supplemental to Ubisoft’s Terms of Use. For more details, please refer to our terms HTTPS://LEGAL.UBI.COM/TERMSOFUSE/



  1. Content must not contain content of a lie, slander, and of sadistic and obscene nature.
  2. Content must not contain content of prejudice and hatred towards certain ethnicity, religion, race, and community, and does not encourage acts of violence.
  3. Content must not discriminate on the basis of gender and language, and does not disrespect the dignity of the weak, the poor, and the mentally or physically disabled or handicapped.

This list is not exhaustive and may be modified at any time.

Moderation: We’re looking out for you

You are responsible for all actions and any comments you make in-game, on our forums or within other Ubisoft services. To protect our communities, representatives and partners, we may remove any and all content published by you that is in breach of this Code of Conduct or our Terms of Use.


Code of Conduct

When you play “Is It Love?”, you must respect other users and their user rights. The following points must be upheld by everyone, and will be enforced by 1492 Studio staff. When you’re using Ubisoft’s games and services, be respectful towards all players, users and our representatives. The purpose of our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use is to provide safe and welcoming communities for all, and any

suspected breaches of these guidelines and rules will result in an investigation that could lead to sanctions. Sanctions can include; but are not limited to: warnings, restricted access to certain services, suspensions and bans at game or at account level. Sanctions may vary depending on the severity, impact and/or frequency of breaches. We don’t enjoy taking this kind of action, but breaking the rules can negatively impact the community, and therefore we need to hold you accountable.

Users will follow all instructions given to them by the 1492 Studio staff. Non-compliance of the user regarding any request made by an Ubisoft representative will be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct, and may lead to account suspension or revocation.

For you and other users to feel part of such a friendly, safe and fair community, you must follow the rules of this code of conduct and Ubisoft Terms of Use. Here is a non-exhaustive list of forbidden behaviours that may lead to investigation by our staff and may result in sanctions.


Forbidden Conduct

It is forbidden to harass or bully other players via verbal or written communications. 1492 Studio will not tolerate any form of harassment and may be obligated to suspend or ban any user account should harassment occur.

It is forbidden to publish pornographic content via the mediums made available by 1492 Studio.

Any language, behavior, communications or content deemed illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, ethically offensive or constituting harassment is forbidden. This includes use of the above, via the website and official social channels supporting the community activity of the game.

Impersonation of any other player or 1492 Studio employee is strictly forbidden.

Any conduct which interrupts the general flow of gameplay in the website or any other 1492 Studio medium is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to, spamming, advertising or soliciting other products.

Verbal or written abuse targeted toward a 1492 Studio employee will not be tolerated.

It is forbidden to repost any moderated content via all public channels supporting the community . Please contact our customer support via the in-game support menu directly if you have any questions.

Exploitation of any new or known bug or glitch for personal gain is strictly forbidden. Any attempt to edit, corrupt or change game or server code is strictly prohibited. Use of third-party hacking, cheating or botting clients is strictly prohibited.

User & Taskforce or event names

The following rules clarify the types of names that you may not use:

You may not use a name that is contrary to the Code of Conduct and Ubisoft Terms of Use. This includes the use of names of a hateful, racist, defamatory, ethnically offensive, obscene, vulgar or sexually explicit nature, as well as any other offensive wording.

You may not use names that lead to the harassment or slander of other users. You may not use the name of any 1492 Studio employee.
You may not use a name with a religious or historical connotation.
You may not use a name linked to a terrorist organization or activity.

1492 Studio strictly reserves the right to use or refuse any names

You may not use any name that breaks any of the aforementioned rules via the association of the first name and surname.

You may not use a name containing spelling mistakes or written in such a way as to break one of the aforementioned rules.

This list is not exhaustive and may be modified at any time.


Disciplinary Policy

1492 Studio wishes to offer users a welcoming game environment, both during gameplay and in the website or social media channels. However, a breach of the Code of Conduct may occur. When this happens, Customer Service will investigate

further and will make every attempt to be just and fair with the people involved. Depending on the seriousness of the breach and the players’ history, Customer Service may decide to take the following action(s):

A warning may be sent to the player who has committed the breach. The warning will be noted on their account.

A player may have his progress restored to a previous state if any of his gains are in violation of this Code of Conduct. The penalty will be noted on their account.

A player may be muted from social media features for a period of time ranging from a few hours to a few days. The penalty will be noted on their account.

A player may be suspended for a period of time ranging from a few hours to a few days. The penalty will be noted on their game and/or social account.

A player may have their game account terminated. This means that their access to the game will be blocked until an unspecified date.

This list is not exhaustive and may be modified at any time.

Below are examples of behaviour that could lead to your account being banned from playing online or restricting your access in other ways from the game:

Cheating / Modding / Hacking

Player is running a modified or otherwise unauthorized version of the game client or a third party software which provides any sort of unfair advantage (wallhacks, aimhacks…) or causing a detriment to other players’ experience.

Offensive Language or Behavior / Threats

Posting or publishing (official community channels, website) any language or content that is in violation of this Code of Conduct.


Harassing or serious bullying other players via verbal or written communications in and outside the game (official community channels, website).


Triggering and using a bug or glitch, or bypassing established game rules to gain a significant advantage or skip progression steps otherwise necessary.

Advertising / Spamming

Disrupting the conversation flow for personal or commercial purposes with repeated posting of a similar nature.

Phishing / Scamming

Any attempt to fraud or mislead other players to gain personal or financial advantage, including but not limited to: personal information, credit cards, etc.

Disputing Account Sanctions

If you have a question or wish to dispute an account sanction that you have incurred, please send a request to Customer Service by using the in-game support menu. Please be sure to include all relevant information. We will reply to your questions as promptly as possible.


Please Respect the Code of Conduct

Help us make the game, the community channels a welcoming community space. Respect the Code of Conduct and encourage others to do the same. If you meet players who are not familiar with the Code of Conduct, politely encourage them to read it.


Account Security

The user alone is responsible for the security of his/her account, including protecting his/her system and account from being compromised.

Nevertheless, 1492 Studio vows to assist you if you think that your account security is threatened or has been compromised. If an account turns out to have been stolen or used by an unauthorized third party, further investigation will be made by 1492 Studio staff, during which time the account may be blocked.

We strongly advise our gamers against sharing personal or account information with anyone else. This includes information that could be used to identify you, like your telephone number, home address, etc., as well as information that could be used to compromise your account, like your email address or answers to your security questions, etc. Ubisoft representatives will never ask you for your password. Help us help you, we count on you to keep your account safe, secure and to yourself.

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