“Intimate thoughts” Extra Event

Jun. 21, 2022

Immerse yourself in your most intimate thoughts with 5 Extra Event stories available again until June 28!

Surrender to temptation
Jake’s shell is cracking. Tonight, you will give in to your desires. Enjoy your first time together through his eyes!

All I want for Christmas…
This year, Christmas is going to be a small affair, but with a very special gift! Discover more about Jarod, his past and… his touch!

Interview with a witch
Your friends have prepared a special quiz to help you achieve your biggest dream! Are you ready to test your knowledge?

Astral brew for Christmas
As a student in New York, you’re expecting to spend Christmas Eve alone… when you discover a tea shop that’s still open…

Forbidden kiss
It’s confession time in Professor Jones’ office. See how Sebastian succumbed to your mutual attraction!



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    Diamonds are here!

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