Nicolae Bartholy

Portait du personnage Nicolae dans le jeu Mystery Spell
Manages the Bartholy Manor
Loyal, wise, protective, hot-headed
It’s like he’s from another time…
He can read and manipulate minds

Please note that this biography may contain spoiling elements. Come back after playing!

Nicolae Roman was born in the 19th century to a rich family from Transylvania. His family moved to London to start a new life. Nicolae’s father opened a bank there. In 1895, Nicolae became a street magician… but also a hunter of supernatural creatures.

He is spotted by Viktor Bartholy, who manipulates him, selling him the advantages of being a vampire. Blinded by a vengeful madness, Nicolae accepts this offer and becomes one of Viktor’s most loyal vampires. For close to a century, Nicolae will hunt werewolves with the help of his mentor. Once all the wolves are dead, Nicolae retires to Bartholy Manor with his new brothers and sisters. Nicolae is by far the wisest and most powerful of the siblings. In the absence of their father, it is he who assumes the role of head of the family and strives to take care of them and keep their secret.

But his need to hunt is always there… just under the surface. Nicolae often retreats to the library where he studies legends and stories about werewolves. He has an unwavering loyalty to Viktor but does not share his views on the human condition. He knows that Viktor can be cruel. But Nicolae is protective and disciplined. You’re hired at the Bartholy Manor as a nanny… and he is intrigued by you. You don’t know it, but you are the spitting image of his late fiancée. Nicolae will attempt to get close to you in order to find out your greatest secrets and your deepest desires… Will you be able to resist this mind reader from another era?


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Season 1 has ended... But don't worry, Nicolae's story is not over.

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