Caleb Rosewood

Chiropractor and co-owner of Rosewood Ranch
Quiet, intelligent, confident, solitary

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Wilderness, stunning sunsets and roaming stallions… Caleb Rosewood was born and raised in the heart of Sunrise Valley. Growing up with his brother Kadrick on the family ranch, Caleb chose to leave everything behind to pursue his chiropractic studies in Helena. This move has taken him far away from his roots, his loved ones, and especially Kadrick, who can’t seem to forgive him for his decision.

These days, Caleb lives a solitary and routine city life, far from the horses and the clean air of Sunrise Valley. The death of his mother and failing health of his father bring him back to the ranch to help out his brother. Together, they must now run the ranch to pay their father’s hospital bills.

As a real estate agent working on the ranch buyout, you’ll have to convince the man you’re falling in love with the merits of your project. Dive into Sunrise Valley and discover the family secrets, the mysteries of the townsfolk… and sunset horseback rides. Are you ready to take a trip back to your roots in this majestic setting? Who knows, maybe you’ll embark on a new life with Caleb…?


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The first mini-series about Caleb is over. But don't worry, he will come back...

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