Conrad O’Connor

Counselor of the Arcane
Gentleman, resentful, hypersensitive, idealist
Original vampire, he is Viktor’s most trusted advisor

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Son of two vampires, Conrad O’Connor is an Original with a charisma rare among vampires of his kind. The millennia he has spent on Earth have toughened him greatly and led him to not easily trust others. Nevertheless, he remains a gentleman of the highest rank.

His distinction and elegance have enabled him to rise to the rank of Counselor of the Arcane, under the guidance of his mentor Viktor Bartholy. He has earned the respect of his peers and intends to use it to shake up the established order among the Prince of Darkness’ vampires! Indeed, Conrad is an idealist and does not share his uncle’s sectarian vision.

If Viktor Bartholy’s cruelty is in total opposition to Conrad’s sensitivity, the latter does not lose hope: he will find a way, one day or another, to live in peace with human beings and other supernatural creatures. Will you be worthy of his trust? Together, will you succeed in overturning the established order?


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The first mini-series about Conrad is over. But don't worry, he will come back...

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