Matt Ortega

Matt dans le visual Novel Is It Love de profil
Graphic designer at Carter Corp. and boxing teacher (in his spare time!)
Cheeky, sensitive, sporty, good-natured
Bad boy with a big heart

Please note that this biography may contain spoiling elements. Come back after playing!

Matt was raised by his grandmother when he was 8 years old, along with his twin brother Daryl, in one of New York’s poorest neighborhoods. But the adventurous and impulsive nature of the two boys soon becomes too much for the old lady. She gives them a fitting nickname: “The Ortega Tornado”. As a kid, Matt takes up boxing. Around the same time, he begins to take an interest in motorbikes. To survive and make some easy money, he and Daryl go underground and flirt with the darker side of the city: fight clubs, street races, etc.

One day, after a fight that almost costs him his life, Matt decides to give up this hectic life and straighten himself out. But there’s still that intrepid, speed-loving side to the man. He’s overly attached to his bike – a Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa. It’s his pride and joy. Every now and again, he still enjoys a spot of street racing. Today, Matt has a steady job as a graphic designer at Carter Corp. and lives in a small Brooklyn apartment. He also teaches boxing in his free time. He takes the teaching very seriously because he’s committed to helping disadvantaged kids in the neighborhood where he grew up… because he knows it would have helped him out back when he was a youngster.

Matt is a sincere and caring person. He takes great care of his friends and brightens everyone’s days at Carter Corp. where the entire staff loves him, even the wild Colin with whom he has developed a solid friendship. Matt’s relationship with you is ambiguous. It’s somewhere between a big brother, a best bud… and a boyfriend. He can be a tease… and always knows what to say to make you laugh. Although he can be a little exasperating at times, a fight with Matt never lasts long. He’s a charming loudmouth… and is also much more sentimental than he’d ever have you believe. He doesn’t have a lot of notches on his bedpost (far from it!) even though women are practically banging his door down!


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