King of the Underworld
Fearless, strong, flirtatious, and intelligent
Blonde hair - a legacy of his heavenly past.

Please note that this biography may contain spoiling elements. Come back after playing!

Lucifer is feared by all those around him, both on Earth and down in Hell. He’s desired for his charm as well as his high status. In fact, he’s a true ladies’ man! This charismatic leader rules his kingdom with a master’s touch and protects it from traitors against whom he wages a merciless fight. But such a battle cannot be won without a close advisor. He needs someone who can be counted on…

Take on the role of Lucifer’s right-hand woman. You’ll play the part of a demoness with powerful empathic powers. Join the underworld and discover an untold story of passion and deceit. Will you be able to fulfill your new duties? But most importantly, can you end the clash between Heaven and Hell? Find out in this new adventure and remember: Every choice you make has its consequences…


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