Joe Kicks

Rising rap star in New York City
Modest, giving, possessive, loyal
Exuberant rapper

Please note that this biography may contain spoiling elements. Come back after playing!

Joe Kicks, whose real name is Joseph Walker, was born into a wealthy New York City family. Scarred by his troubled past, Joe externalizes his wounds through music. His on-point lyrics lead him to be talent-spotted by Joanne, his agent, who transforms him into an international rap star. To match his new image, Joe has carved out an exuberant persona with a lavish lifestyle that he shares to excess on social media.

Although your first impression of the guy isn’t the best, your meeting with the rap star will allow you to see that… he’s not who he says he is! But the charismatic New York rapper doesn’t get easily attached. He refuses to truly trust anyone and he never forms genuine relationships. Will your conviction be enough to unlock the secrets of his past or will you be lured in by his flashy ways and endless generosity?


Coming soon

The first mini-series about Joe is over. But don't worry, he will come back...

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