Ryan Carter

photo de ryan carter
Carter Corporation CEO
Magnetic, charismatic, focused, brilliant
Obsessively controlling

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Ryan is very discreet when it comes to his private life and his main goal in life is to become an exceptional man like his father. Despite everything he’s accomplished, he still doesn’t feel quite good enough. This desire for freedom is probably what gives him his taste for extreme sports. Ryan takes his half-sister under his wing and thinks of her as his true sister. They both receive an excellent education, attending the best schools in the country. As a result, Ryan grows up faster than other boys his age.
When his grandfather dies, Ryan inherits his fortune. This money allows him to start his own company and build a huge empire. This is how the Carter Corporation comes into being as well as Ryan’s philanthropy.

Ryan is always so busy! It’s difficult to pin him down. He’s often on the go and it’s hard to get a meeting with him. He doesn’t mix with others, as evidenced by his office which is situated on the top floor of the New York high-rise. But… he knows everything there is to know about his employees. This young man exudes a mysterious charm. He’s a man of power… but there’s something a little worrying about him at the same time. He’s respected and very energetic. He belongs to that category of extraordinary people who know how to capture the attention of everyone around them.

But in his private life, Ryan is a completely different person. In fact, he’s a passionate lover who likes to spice things up. He doesn’t like monotony and needs a bold partner who can stand up to him. Will you live up to the expectations of the incredible Ryan Carter?


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Season 3 has ended... But don't worry, you can find Ryan in other Carter Corp. stories!

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