Jarod Harding

Head surgeon
Straightforward, altruistic, honest, charismatic.
Adrenaline junkie

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Despite his angelic face and devastating smile, Jarod looks like someone who’s seen it all. His professionalism, knowledge, and ability to improvise in critical situations make him an outstanding doctor who everyone loves to work with. He’s never degrading, always listens, and wants more than anything to help his interns progress. The charisma and kindness he exudes make him the golden boy of the emergency room. He captivates hearts easily… and a whole heap of women want him. Nevertheless, his reputation as being somewhat inaccessible precedes him. Jarod gives 200% of himself to his work. This leaves little room for intimate relationships.

However, he does like to go out for a drink and a little flirting. He even has a one-night stand occasionally. But it’s never anything serious. He has no room in his life for anything more… But maybe he can make room for you?


Coming soon

Season 1 has ended... But don't worry, Jarod's story is not over.

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