James Oswald-Descieux

portrait James
Co-Manager at the Secret Palace
Sarcastic, fair, gentlemanly, rebellious
A lover of French food and wine... and a fan of horseback riding

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James has always looked after his loved ones since the age of 9, especially his grandmother, who’s like a mother to him. His sense of duty makes him a gallant man. He’s attentive to others and especially to women… but he doesn’t have a dominant character. He knows to hold the door open for the ladies and to help them with their shopping, but if they refuse him, he accepts it. He also defends the weak when necessary and his motives are never calculated.

The position of his family meant that he was forced to go to college. He studies management at Oxford in order to take over his father’s job as director of the Secret Palace. He is fully aware of the future that awaits him at the Secret Palace, which he considers to be a real piece of history, both a family and local monument.

He is well-mannered and enjoys the good life. James is the definition of the perfect gentleman… But he hides a dark sentimental secret. His fear about his past is almost self-destructive. He loves nothing more than driving at full whack in his Mustang, galloping on his thoroughbred horse called Pink Biscuit, swimming with sharks… In short, he takes inordinate risks to feel alive. Is this because he lacks love in his life?

James has so many women at his feet, from top models to incredible singers. They all want nothing more than to be in his arms. But he doesn’t pay these breathtaking women much attention. Deep down, even though he won’t admit it, James wants to live a great and passionate relationship… But he just hasn’t found the right person yet. That’s where you come in! You’re working as a junior concierge at the Secret Palace. Will you fight to win this man’s heart?


James personnage de Is It Love et vue d'jardin
James personnage de Is It Love et vue d'jardin
James personnage de Is It Love et vue d'un palace
James personnage de Is It Love et vue de nuit d'une rue
James personnage de Is It Love et vue des vignes avec sunset
James personnage de Is It Love et vue d'une suite glamour
Vue de chez James personnage du jeu Is It Love depuis sa terrasse

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Season 1 has ended... But don't worry, James' story is not over.

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