Mark Leviels

Branch Manager of Carter Corp.
Serious, ambitious, humble, romantic
Workaholic, and loyal to Carter Corp.

Please note that this biography may contain spoiling elements. Come back after playing!

Mark Leviels is efficient and loyal and has quickly become the right-hand man to the ever-demanding Ryan Carter. He’s a real work addict. His phone is never out of his sight. However, behind his calm and tranquil exterior, Mark has a tumultuous private life.

He’s romantic, tender and sensual. He knows exactly how to show the depth of his feelings when required. He puts his passionate side into play every time you spend the night together… and it’s gonna get you all hot and bothered!

One thing’s guaranteed: in love, just as at work, Mark is totally committed.
It takes time to break through this guy’s shell, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. When it comes to romance, Jake is a very passionate lover with his long caresses, longing glances and hushed whispers… Jake is far more loving than you’d imagine.


Coming soon

The first mini-series about Mark is over. But don't worry, he will come back...

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