Gabriel Simons

Gabriel personnage du Otome Game Is it Love
Communications Director
Seductive, confident, extroverted, manipulative
“Serial Lover”

Please note that this biography may contain spoiling elements. Come back after playing!

Gabriel joined the Carter Corporation in New York after graduating from Harvard.
His father, Steven Simons, walked out on the family when Gabriel was a child. So, the young Gabriel had to take care of his mother alone. From a gentle, intelligent and well-behaved child, he became, through little choice of his own, a ruthless man with an incredibly strong character.

Gabriel’s main ambition in life is to become a winner and a leader. Unconsciously, he battles against the image he has of his loser father and never shows a single sign of weakness. He is one of those men who will stop at nothing to climb the career ladder.

He discovers his sexuality at an early age, which he takes a liking to! He goes on to make a series of conquests without ever really taking the risk of committing himself. He is far too afraid of loss and developing romantic feelings that he cannot control. When you meet him, you cause him true pain, because it is the first time he has become attached to someone and feels something so strong. She is his weakness.

Gabriel loves the money and the power that his status affords him. He is an excellent manager who knows how to listen and be patient, but never at the expense of his team’s performance.
He doesn’t plan on being a manager at Carter Corp. for the rest of his life. He intends to move up to a higher position within the company, or to use Carter Corp. as a stepping-stone to a position with greater responsibility elsewhere…


Gabriel -visual-novel
dans le visual Novel Is It Love
Atlantic City de nuit
Terrasse de Gabriel dans le visual Novel Is It Love
Voilla en Floride dans le visual Novel Is It Love
Une suite de nuit dans le visual Novel Is It Love
Un restaurant gastronomique dans le visual Novel Is It Love

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Season 2 has ended... But don't worry, Gabriel's story is not over.

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