“Spring Break Madness” Extra Event

Mar. 15, 2022

What says spring more than… Spring Break? Bring out your inner party animal and join Asmodea, Haku and Julian for a wild night of fun! The “Spring Break Madness” Extra Event story pack is available until April 14th!

You’re lost in the middle of the forest, when noises lure you to a fantastic casino where a party is in full swing. Everyone seems to be in cosplay outfits, including a certain Asmodea whose spellbinding beauty leaves you breathless…

At a drunken party, you get close to Haku, who’s particularly chatty… because he’s had too much to drink! How genuine is he really though?

You meet Julian at a beach party, and he suggests that you spend the evening on his boat. He thinks it’s the perfect place to get to know each other a little better…



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