“Perfect Valentine’s Day” Extra Event

Feb. 14, 2022

Join Mark, James, Adam and Peter for an unforgettable experience this Valentine’s Day! This “Perfect Valentine’s Day” Extra Event story pack is only available until 3/13/2022.

You were planning to spend Valentine’s Day with Peter only to find that he’s gone missing! Go on a quest to find him on the Mystery Spell campus! Hurry!

During a Valentine’s Day ball, the Secret Palace falls into darkness! It’s a power outage! Use this opportunity to escape with James and switch things up… to something a little more sensual.

Around a campfire on the beach, show Adam that you know him like the back of your hand with the “36 Questions to Fall in Love” game. Which one of you will lose focus first?

Deep in the heart of China, you join Mark for a romantic tête-à-tête in a restaurant under a starry sky… There’s only one rule: Whoever talks about business first… gets punished. Will you take the bet?




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