“Magical Holidays” Extra Event

Dec. 16, 2021

The “Magical Holidays” Extra Event story pack is available from 12/16/2021 to 01/15/22! Make the most of this unique opportunity and have a magical Christmas Eve with Nao, Jake or Jarod.

Back in Russia, you find your favorite bodyguard at a New Year’s event. It seems that Jake is very talented when it comes to surprises…

As you get ready to spend Christmas Eve alone in your student residence, you see a tea shop that’s still open. The mix of aromas together with Nao’s incredible charm could turn out to be great fun!

Away from your family and your roots, this New Year’s Eve in Tanzania will be celebrated in a small group… but not without some surprising gifts in store! Join Jarod under a starry sky and discover more about his past and… his touch.

Immerse yourself in these three exciting stories and enjoy some unforgettable moments!



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