Extra Love Pack on Jarod

Dec. 14, 2021

Explore 4 new Extra Love stories and join Jarod in Tanzania from 14/12!

This gorgeous surgeon isn’t done with you, so play (or replay!) Jarod’s story to get these four brand new bonus stories for even more amazing moments with your favorite surgeon.

In the “First embrace” story, you and Jarod finally let your innermost feelings shine through, promising a night of… action.

The second story, “My light in the storm ”, is pretty challenging… with one twist after another! Fortunately, Jarod knows some excellent relaxation methods.

In the third story “I’m staying…”, you decide to stay with Jarod in Tanzania. You’ll want to celebrate this happy news…

Your journey ends in “Tanzanian Memories”. When you return to the Blue Swan Hospital, you straight back to work to help clear your mind. And it’s all good… especially with Adrian.These stories will unlock as you progress through Jarod’s story!



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